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Mary Argentieri - Untitled (acrylic & pen)


Blanca Bahena - Untitled (glazed ceramic)

Gail Lewis - Fruit of the Spirit (pillows)


Kim Clark - Untitled [Horoscope] (mixed media)


Louis Estape - Untitled (oil pastel)

Jacqueline Frank - Untitled (acrylic on wood)

Donald Mitchell - Untitled (print)

Charles Nagle - Untitled (Prisma Stix)


William Scott - The Class of 1987 in Another Life (ink & acrylic)


Gerone Spruill - Cast of Characters (Prisma color pencils & ink)


William Tyler - President's Boat (ink)



George Wilson - Two Guys (oil pastel)



Scott - Class of 1987... (L)

Spruill - Chocolate  & Characters (R)



Bita Azizi 

Joyce Chou

Vicky Choy

Jenny Felsen

Sandra Gaspar

Shelly Kremer

Joyce Nojima

Rachel Stewart

Cheyenne Sylvester

Sandra Tang

Cherie Techaphaibul

Spruill (L);  Mitchell (center);  Tyler (R)

Gerone Spruill




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